Athletes in Action Suitespace

Why AIA Suitespace?

AIA Suitespace was developed because you asked for it! We wanted to provide staff with one easy location to create and manage communication and marketing materials. This tool will provide:

  • Powerful Customization
  • Bold New Designs
  • Guaranteed Brand-Compliance
  • Templates for Strategic Ministry Pieces
  • On-Demand Fulfillment

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Complete a webinar to get your initial training on the tool and login information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, your session will log out if someone else tries to login at the same time. But, good news! Anyone with an AIA email can get a login account for AIA Suitepace. Simply sign-up and complete a training webinar to get your own account. Your drafts, orders, and downloads will save to your personal account for ease of retrieval and re-order.

  • AIA Suitespace is designed to function best on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Due to the task of creating and ordering detailed, customized communications & marketing materials, the experience is better on a larger screen

  • There are three ways you can receive your customized materials:

    • Receive a free download of a high resolution, print-ready PDF
    • Order your customized print pieces directly from the AIA Suitespace platform - on-demand at low minimum quantities and great prices
    • Send the high resolution PDF of your materials directly to AIA Design for advice on additional customization of the piece
  • The beauty of AIA Suitespace is that you can customize each piece without a minimum order requirement. You can order 1 or 1000+ at an affordable price, or get the free download and show for your own print location.

  • As we are building out this tool, we recognize that more templates and design variants will be needed. Instead of guessing what is needed, we have created a space for suggestions on this very page. Tell us your ideas. Indicate what types of materials you want to create on AIA Suitespace. All of this feedback will help us know how to direct the next phase of templates for this platform.

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